The Band


The band was formed in the fall of 2010 by guitarist/vocalist Gustav Lund and drummer Jerker Avander. Joined by guitarist Cr...istoffer Strand and bassist Simon Lundström the guys started jamming on some songs that Gustav originally wrote for his and Jerkers previous band. The vibe was there and everything just clicked.

The bands sound was raw and heavy, inspired by groups like Motörhead, GnR, and Skid Row.

During 2011, two demos was recorded and some live-shows was played. The live performances became well recieved by the audience, because the band really gave a 100% on stage.

The decision was made not to record a third demo, but to go for a full-length album. Blister Brigade recorded eleven songs in the spring of 2013 and after having the album mixed and mastered, the search for a recordlabel began. Shortly after, the band got an answer from Sliptrick Records, a label who liked what they heard and wanted to release it. In december same year, Blister Brigade's debut album "To Serve And Punish" was released. The record with it's hard-hitting rock'n'roll, got really good reactions. So did the videos for the songs "The Punishment" and "Goodbye Ragdoll".

At the moment, the band is about to release their second full-length album. Drummer Jerker Avander left the band in June 2016. Shortly after, Rickard Lundmark (Zonaria, ex-Feral) stepped in as Blister Brigades new drummer.


Gustav Lund -Lead/Rythm Guitar and Vocals
Cristoffer Strand - Lead/Rythm Guitar
Simon Lundström - Bass
Rickard Lundmark - Drums


  • Gustav Lund

    Name: Gustav Lund Position: Lead/rhythm guitar Gear: Gibson Flying V, Gibson Les Paul,…

  • Cristoffer Strand

    Name: Cristoffer Strand Position: Lead/rhythm guitar Gear: Gibson Explorer ('76 & Blood Moon…

  • Simon Lundström

    Name: Simon Lundström Position: Bass Gear: Rickenbacker 4001, Sovtek MIG100 Other bands: Vintersorg,…

  • Rickard Lundmark

    Name: Rickard Lundmark Position: Lead drums Gear: Pearl drums 'n' hardware, Paiste cymbals,…